Halloweensie Hide N Seek

Considering where my focus has been with Pizza and Juicebox, the characters in the story shouldn't be surprising. Thanks Susanna for the contest, challenge and creative push! Enjoy!

Sugar Pie pumpkin peeked around a large tree looking for her friend, Candied Apple. There was a crackling sound as Sugar Pie’s foot stuck to a leaf. Candied Apple had been here.
“Boo!” Jack O’Lantern said jumping out from behind a bush. Together, Sugar Pie and Jack looked for Candied Apple. Carefully they climbed up to the tree house.
“Boo!” Sugar Pie screeched when they reached the top. But the tree house was empty.
Jack and Sugar Pie continued looking for Candied Apple. Following her sticky foot prints, they found her by the door ready to go trick- or- treating.


  1. I love the mystery with Candied Apple and the footprints! Enjoyed this entry. I'm lurking around reading all the ones posted on Susanna's post. Good luck with this and Juice Box and Pizza.

  2. This was a cute idea using food as characters. So you and Pizza and fruit box are one and the same? Like Stacy I saw you on Susanna's comments and looked you up. Way to go!

  3. Clar,
    In a nutshell, yes we are the same in that I am the author of both Pizza and JuiceBox (part of October's Would You Read it Wednesday on Susanna's blog) and this. Apparently I have a thing for kids as food. Thanks for checking it out.

  4. Excellent! What fun! I'm so glad you went ahead and posted your story even though the fearless leader of the contest got snowed under and couldn't lead the charge :)


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