Move & Play

I was up especially early the other morning and my youngest child took the liberty of turning on the television. Since I couldn't find anything for myself (slim pickings at 5am, even on HBO) we were watching Noggin. They were in this "move & play" theme I'm assuming to get kids up and away from the television. If it were up to me, those little jingles would turn off the t.v. all together. (Can you tell it's early and I'm tired and cranky?) However, since that doesn't happen, I'm stuck watching Dora "move & play."
While participating in a soccer game, Dora does a great job and scores a goal. The crowd goes wild! Her family goes wild! Then I noticed her family is cheering for her while sitting on the couch in front of the t.v. in the comfort of their living room. Why weren't they at the game? I suppose there could have been plenty of reasons, but still I wonder. Equally important is that if we as parents don't get up to "move & play" ( or to watch our kids play a soccer game) they won't see the need to get up and move either and then we are really failing them!


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