Money In My Pocket

I was heading out today to get started on my "honey do" list (most people think this is a husband's list, but in my world it's a wife's list) when I thought, "do I have any cash?" I had some from yesterday that I had put in my pocket. And then I remembered with a peaceful sense of calm that I was wearing the same jeans I today I wore yesterday and for that matter the day before. I reached in my pocket and found $8.
I often wear the same jeans for days in a row. I'll throw them in the laundry with the kids clothes when I need to but otherwise, I can go for days in the same jeans. Most of my friends do it too. Seriously- what's the point? Someone is going to either wipe a greasy hand on me, spill something, or give me a hug with a permanent marker. In fairness- I wipe my own hands on my jeans because it's easier. I'm anxiously awaiting the permanent arrival of Spring so I can wear some different pants. I have at least 4 pairs of comfortable capris that I can wash in between hand wiping- whether is mine or theirs.
A full story of my life in jeans will be in an upcoming fall issue of NJ Family magazine.


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