It's only 4 1/2 hours!

Technically, it shouldn't be all that difficult. Once kids get into nursery school, and then elementary school, most of their days are spent someplace else with (thankfully) someone else entertaining them. So, why is it that by the time my kids get home from school I'm wondering who slipped them coffee on the way? It's amazing to me that those last 4 1/2 hours of the day can be the most difficult. Is it the homework, the pressure for play dates, feeding those hungry little people, getting them clean, or the protests at bed time? In theory it should be cake compared to the 12-14 hours with a young infant or toddler. It's not.

I get it- they have had a full day with friends and teachers and need some time to unwind and just be kids. So where does all the energy come from? In my efforts to make it through these last hours of the day without too much strife, I've tried many things. Homework first, play second. Play first, homework second. Let them help prepare dinner. Early baths or showers. Tickle fights. You name it. Most recently I've turned to aroma therapy. I have used Young Living essential oils to maintain my kids health so now I'm trying them to help soothe and calm the wired little people to enter my afternoons. There is a blend called Peace and Calming (just what I need). I tell the kids it's their own special "after school" oil. I put a little on their pulse points so they can easily smell it. They don't know what I'm hoping for from the oil, just that it's to help them after a "stressful" day. The final result is still to be determined, but if it helps keep the energy level bearable- I'm in.


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