Thanksgiving with kids

I have great memories of many a delicious Thanksgiving holiday meal. Some with family and some with friends. There is something about the smell of a turkey and that special meal that I just love. As a kid the meal magically appeared on the dining room table and I just saw a drumstick, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, and gravy all with my name on it. I didn't think much about what went into preparing the meal- as a kid I didn't have to.

Now, as a mother of 3 I have a totally different perspective; or I should say three different perspectives. There is mine, my husband's, and that of my kids.

For me- I aim to recreate the Thanksgivings I remember. Delicious meals, fun times, and wine flowing. (My dad always said the only wine to have on Thanksgiving was a Zinfandel as it is the only wine native to America.) This means cleaning, cooking, decorating, more cleaning and the final preparations of cooking. With time and planning ahead it's all possible and that's where my head is today- scheduling. In the meantime there is also making time for school celebrations for each of my older children. Speaking of- I need to make a pasta salad.

For my husband it's planning the beverages (wine and beer) and helping set up the house and straighten things up. He's not as much of a traditionalist when it comes to the wine so that's usually a fun job for him.

For my kids- it's all of these things. They want the Thanksgiving decorations (we really don't have any but I think they think we should), the Feast, and friends and family to be with. Each morning they ask me how many days until Thanksgiving. I think in my 7 years of being a mother this is the most excited I have ever seen them. Jokingly I said to a friend yesterday that I hope it turns out to be all they are hoping for. Truthfully, I do hope it is as wonderful a holiday as they want it to be.

Isn't this what it's all about? Even with the stress, I see that look in my kids eyes of wonder and excitement and would just hate to disappoint. We're creating traditions here! I think that for the first few years I was surprised at the amount of work. Now, I embrace it just as much as I look forward to seeing turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy all over my 10 month old's face as he has his first Thanksgiving.


  1. Holiday Mishaps:
    Well, I think I succeeded in giving my kids a Thanksgiving Feast comparable to what they were hoping for. I even served zinfandel wine in honor of my Dad. (That one was for me.)
    However, as all things go, there were what I like to call Holiday mishaps. It never fails- there is always something and it's always on a holiday.
    Our first Easter in our house, my oven died. Granted, like every other appliance in our house it was probably already 20 years old, but why die on Easter? The ham was already done but I just could not figure out why the potatoes were not cooking. They seemed to take forever! Then I had my answer- the cold oven gave it away. Kind of like the following Christmas when the sink just would not drain as we were doing the dishes.... I think that's worse than the oven dying. All those dishes, and all that wine I had had...... Like with anything else, we did the best we could and just waited for the plumber.
    This year, it was the dining room table. We normally have it set up with one leaf in it, but with 10 people coming for Thanksgiving we added the two remaining leaves. My table is older than my house by about 15 years. My house was built in 1890- you do the math. So, about 15 minutes before our guests were to arrive (keep in mind the table was not set yet) my husband was under the table with his drill and some deck screws resetting the stabilizing pieces. After many years and other Holiday Mishaps I cannot recall right now, we still made it. No stress, no issues, no panic and now my table is more stable than ever or at least as stable as a 100+ year old table can be.


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